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Inside Dateline: MySpace invader

It's a corporate place to work friends and land. You will find gorgeous of the town that I allegro in under the age of 16 with tons and everything.

It has also become a grieving place for bereaved friends and relatives of people, with impromptu, collaborative obituaries often Mypace into existence within hours of a death. When the South Australian teenager Carly Ryan died chwt February her MySpace girps was flooded with messages from friends - many of them members of the same goth and emo subcultures as the two Melbourne girls who were found dead on Sunday. Following Britain's first internet suicide pact inin which two strangers met online and died side by side, the British Government restricted access to chatrooms deemed risky.

The growing band of people who have posted suicide notes online - an act known colloquially as a MySpace suicide - has led to the US organisation Lifeline creating its own MySpace page. The movement is often mocked by outsiders for the melodramatic introspection of its members.

Self-harm, a risk factor for suicide, has become common among adolescents, particularly girls in emo and goth cliques. Between one in 10 and MMyspace in 20 girls aged about 14 or 15 engaged in self-harm, Professor Patton said. Dr Carr-Gregg said it was simplistic to blame suicide on the subcultures and their emphasis on alienation and loneliness. There are key protection factors in between, such as friends, family, a sense of connectedness.

Greg Holman, principal of the school the two girls Myspae, Upwey High in Melbourne, said the school was teejs and students were being offered counselling. I have a great time chatting with people from all over. It's a fun way to flirt with hotties from all around ; Jason Just wanted To say hey to anyone and everyone and to give Dan two thumbs up for makin a sick chat site. I have never been on 1 better. I've been comin on here for 4yrs and have never seen it better then it is now. They're cool and exciting! Keishia teen chat is really awesome caz u get 2 meet new ppl. Teen Chat's undoubtedly one of the best sites out there, and indefinitely one with variety.

Keep up the good work, Dan. SeeJay Teen Chat is pretty cool. I haven't found a free chat site like this anywhere else on the net. Its just constant action and Drama! Advertise I am so glad you are doing this story. My niece is posting sexually explicit photos of herself along with blogs about drinking and having sex.

Teens Myspace girls chat

gidls She is now 19 so her dad probably can't do anything about it anymore. But she has been girlls this since she was I wanted char alert her dad but he doesn't speak to us and would only "kill the messenger" if we went to him. My husband says we will wait until we see her face on a milk carton and then tell him. Not only does she put her full name on MySpace but also her city and state. Any predator could find her if they wanted to. That is what worries me. I just hope her father watches the show but he, like many other parents, will probably think this stuff doesn't even pretain to them. I think this is great that you have brought attention to this site myspace.

But I have dissected this with my girls and we all work the same way The Iowa parleyvoos vanished the next day after excitement their parents they were going down.

Recently a co-worker of mine wanted to see what his kids were up to. I happily looked them up for him. When we looked for his daughter she came up blocked. Perhaps more parents should know about that feature so they can nudge, if not force, them to block out strangers. This way the people they add are people they already know or feel comfortable with. I think most sexual predetors would not be willing to make the effort. I am an adult who uses Myspace. The implication that only juveniles use this site is horribly insluting to myself and a great number of other responsible adults whom are around my own age. I'm sure that your report on the upcoming Dateline will be another fine example of contempary yellow journalism, designed to strike fear into the hearts of parents.

I am teenager and also a myspacer I check all my information daily. I can see where things could be a problem because people post everything on myspace and i do mean every thing.

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