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We need to supplement accounts storg these basic moments of the narrative flow and process with a focus on the wider structures of narration in which we find power at work.

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Sexusl Rowman and Little Weiss, Meredith l. I can sense in some of this storytelling the formation of a common humanity, a world aiming to give people their dignity. TSS was published at the start of the widespread concern with globalization: This speaks to the ways stories enter public arenas- governmental, media, digital — creating a culture of public problems. Sexual stories now dwell in a world of globally mediated sexualities and digital sexualities alongside an international circulation of new forms of erotica and pornography and new forms of regulation.

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New sexual stories have indeed proliferated Sxual these countries. Much of the poor world lives with what I have elsewhere called pauperised sexualities, unhygienic sexualities, emaciated sexualities, homeless sexualities, exiled and dispossessed sexualities Plummer,Even as many tales are told on the ground, they have little impact on a public sphere. A third cluster of stories can be seen as transitional societies where former authoritarian states who have subsequently come to face an anomic upheaval with a search for a new order: This means that much of what I have discussed above as a flow of stories will surely be curtailed: This starts with the importance of the story not told.

People never stop telling their tales. As we become more and more sensitive to economic and intersectional inequalities, we will be able to develop a deeper understanding of narrative inequalities.

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