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She spreads her legs open, plays with her hairy bush and shows off her young all-natural body. As she undresses, we see her hairy pits and hairy pussy. She paints all over her 18 year-old natural figure, and is full of art and sexy hair. She has been known to also strip in coffee shops to show strangers her hairy pussy too. Hey pink hairy pussy is dripping with anticipation. Under her dress she stretches her panties and shows off her very hairy pussy. Stripping naked she bends over and reveals her all-natural hot sexy body. She wears blue lingerie which makes her glow. Since that time she has teased me mercilessly with periodic, extremely brief, flashes of her tits or pussy. But never have I seen her whole body naked at once.

Not that I don't want to I mean she is pretty damn hot. She smiled and waved me over, which served to snap me back to the present, making sure to hold her knees apart as I moved closer. It wasn't long before the entire camp was up and moving around. The morning chores included breakfast and a quick camp cleanup before we settled around the lightly smoking fire to decide the day's activities. In stark contrast to Mary and John are Mark and Christa who are in their thirties, very athletic, and if allowed to, will push our physical limits pretty far.

Thin and fit, they have done much more ambitious climbs than I will ever attempt. Mark is your typical athletic type and his wife is really easy on the eyes; about five six and only a hundred forty pounds or so, most of that in her chest, I think. While I haven't ever seen her naked, I have had the pleasure of seeing her in some pretty skimpy bikini's that her easily 38 D chest was trying hard to fall out of.

Nude coeds Standing

Standinh Her blond hair and gentle ndue eyes Staneing her a Barbie-doll Stwnding, but she has the spirit of a redhead. She loves a stimulating conversation and will debate almost any topic. I have enjoyed many a discussion with her as we hiked up trails, usually calling it a draw by the time we reached our Stanring site. But it is a special day. Those bikini's you wear don't exactly cover a hell of a lot. I mean that white one is completely see through at times. My wife reached across and slugged me, but not too hard, on the shoulder, cosds exactly what I was thinking.

And I for one and looking forward nde seeing what's hiding in a pair of shorts or two! Now who's going to join me? Her waist was Stnading and flowed gracefully into her round smooth Stanving and, from my angle, a very cute round ass. Her pussy was shaved, and it was pretty obvious to me that she was pretty turned on too. I thought about Stannding for a few moments. Hell I'd wanted to see her ndue for a long time, now was my chance to see her naked all day. And if I was lucky, to touch and play a bit too. All I had to do was go along with this Nude Day thing. Could I go all day naked around Christa and my wife without dying of embarrassment?

Hell for that matter, if my wife decided to go along, how would I feel about her being naked in front of Mark and John? My dick was already hard and poking straight out toward Christa, who seemed to sit staring at it as if mesmerized. If anything my dick got harder as I watched her pull her shirt and shorts off, leaving her in a lacy bra and blue thong panty. Last to go was her thong, which she turned around and pushed down. She bent over to hold onto the log for balance, giving us a brief, and unexpected, view of her pussy as she stepped out of her thong. If I have to tie them to a tree and strip them myself. The gauntlet thrown down, Mark and John had no choice; they stood up and began shedding their clothes.

Nancy took advantage of their activity and quickly undressed, tossing her clothes into a pile behind her, and sitting back down before the men could ogle her too much. No more clothes for the rest of the day! I doubted that there was anything arbitrary in the direction her cute ass was pointed as she bent over straight legged, her pussy pushing out between her legs at me invitingly. How about you Mike? You said before breakfast you wanted me to show you that small creek I found yesterday. She likes to take those nature walks, too.

Let's go get our boots on! I followed a few seconds later, deciding that boots would be good to put on. It felt a bit odd walking around camp with a hardon wagging, but getting to watch the girls completely naked was worth it. Christa was crouched down, tying her boot as I walked over. I doubted that she realized that her natural position for doing this was exposing her entire pussy to me, even spreading her lips slightly.

If my cock nued gone down any while I was getting my hikers on, the sight cods her renewed its form. Keep the boys entertained, wont you Nancy? I had the feeling that my wife was going to be fending off the "boys" the whole time I was gone. I knew from comments Mark had said that he thought my wife was pretty hot for an older woman, and I wouldn't be surprised to find him hitting on her. Of course I had every intention of trying to fuck Mary; I just needed to figure out how to do that with Christa along. We hiked along a small game trail for almost ten minutes before it opened into a small glade.

I was much too busy watching the two cute naked asses in front of me to pay all that much attention to the scenery around me. Mary stopped in the middle of the glade and turned around to face Standkng and me. You've wanted Standin body for a long time. Think you can handle two of us? I had been trying to figure out how to get to Mary with Christa along. It had coess occurred to me to try to take them both on at the same time. You mean you never guessed, even in your wildest dreams that we were fooling around? I may be a lot of things, but I am not stupid.

I'd lusted after both of them for long enough that I wasn't about to turn down this opportunity. I briefly thought about my wife being back in camp alone with their husbands, and wondered if they were as busy as I was about to be? I figured what I didn't know wouldn't hurt me. I stepped forward, wrapping my arms around Mary, reaching between the two women to gently fondle Christa's already hard nipples while my lips met Mary's. Mary's hands went around me, pulling my pelvis against hers, trapping my hard dick between us. I felt and heard her moan into my mouth at the same time I felt Christa's hands work down between our bodies, one hand wrapping around my cock and the other sliding lower.

I want you in me so bad. I looked down and saw Christa's fingers deep in Mary's wet pussy, sliding in and out slowly, each stroke teasing her clit.

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