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Although created by fideo American developer and published by the American Electronic Arts, one has to assume that Black Crypt was aimed primarily at European players, as it was made available only for the Amiga.

Even in Europe, however, it failed to garner much attention in an increasingly saturated market; it looked a little better than Dungeon Master but not as good as Eye of the Beholder, and otherwise failed to stand out from the pack in terms of level design, interface, or mechanics. With, that is, one exception. For the first time, Black Crypt added an auto-map to the formula. The Throne of Chaos was an attempt to drag the now long-established real-time-blobber format into the multimedia age, while also transforming it into a more streamlined and accessible experience.

It comes very, very close to realizing its ambitions, but is let down a bit by some poor design choices as it wears on.

The magic system is avain condensed down to just seven spells. In place of the tactical maneuvering and environmental exploitation that marks combat within the more interactive dungeons of Dungeon Master Suckedd a simple but satisfying rock-paper-scissors approach: And, most tellingly of all, an auto-map is always at ccums fingertips, even automatically annotating hidden switches and secret doors you might have overlooked in the first-person view. The auto-map alone changes the personality of the game almost enough to make it feel like the beginning of a different sub-genre entirely.

Yet Lands of Lore has an undeniable charm all its own as a less taxing, more light-hearted sort of fantasy romp. One thing thing at least is certain: Abandoning the stilted medieval conceits of most CRPGs, its atmosphere is more fairy tale than Tolkien, full of bright cartoon-like tableaux rendered by veteran Hanna-Barbara and Disney animators. The Next Generation fame acting as narrator.

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Sadly, though, the charm does begin to evaporate somewhat as the game wears on. Worse, the last 25 percent or so is clearly wgain, a tedious slog through empty corridors with nothing of interest beyond hordes of overpowered monsters. The Videeo of Chaos, despite enjoying considerable hf success which would lead to two sequels, feels like a missed opportunity to make something truly great. Real-time blobbers would continue to appear for a couple more years after Lands of Lore. The last remotely notable examples are two releases: Needless to say, neither game outdoes the original Dungeon Master where it counts. I remember the first time I did it, my lover was sucking my cock and told me she wanted to swallow it all, I was really surprised and I jizzed all my load in her mouth and she did it Her mouth was clean!

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