The midwest sucks

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Why the midwest sucks

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Summers midwesh the Midwest are just as brutal as the winters. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Listen to it right here on the site, download it by clicking hereor check it out on iTunes and Stitcher.

Sucks The midwest

scuks Inthere were nine degree days in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and all of them happened between the months of June and August. What happened to Calvin peeing on a ford sign? A sticker of kids praying at a cross decorated the back of a pickup truck. It's also bleeding into neighboring states.

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In case you're mudwest, the Windy City's total was around 5, while the war claimed closer to 2, lives during the same time. Indeed, winters in the Midwest are fucking horrible, and the cold and snow are everything people make them out to be and more. It's not just bar fights and property crimes, either. Continue Reading Below Advertisement So, while wealth and prosperity are on the rise, so are crime rates.

The weather doesn't suck in the Midest during the winter; the weather sucks in the Midwest all year long. And if Tbe want to grow your own food, you can grow a variety of things year-round with just a simple grow box. See how San Antonio, Texas, averages eight triple-digit-temperature days each year? Certainly both have their comfort foods, and if you're dining out in a major city you can find a lot of variety, and sure, if you have the money you can get almost anything at a Whole Foods or equivalent. Things that are abundant here I have to very specifically seek out when I'm back in the midwest.

As if I need a caption for a picture as funny as this one. Roosevelt County in Montana has seen an percent increase in arrests since the oil boom started. It's also worth adding to that argument that frequent "Murder Capital of the United States" contenders like St.

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