Vintage air 1967 mustang electric controls

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Vintage Air Gen-IV System - Ice Maker

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This assembly mistang very fragile. Unless you live in Alaska, you need air conditioning for your early Mustang. Another bracket ties the fan to an attachment point under the dash. The vacuum reservoir is next. When this valve is faulty, things can get either too warm or too cold. But heater removal is easy.

The factory has provided pilot indentations, which enable you to drill accurately. Manipulate mustant unit carefully up under the instrument panel. Thread this guy onto the low pressure side of the evaporator smaller line. One attachment stud at the rear of the assembly penetrates the firewall.

Mustang Vintage air controls 1967 electric

The Sanden compressor-conversion kit from Classic Auto Air is a simple conversion. Remove the defroster outlets and hoses. This is easy to see when you spot the rare window sticker at a show and read down the option list. But dumping a prized vintage ride just isn't done by anyone who has any class, so we need to find a better solution for our hot-weather woes. The Ford iron compressor mount is installed first. Factory-installed air conditioning was in such low demand at the early part of the decade, most cars weren't even designed to use an "in-dash" system.

Plug all of the vacuum hoses per the schematic into the climate-control panel. We suggest the use of ,ustang caulk around the perimeter between the musfang plates and the firewall for added protection. It's a tough fit no matter how small your hands are. On a hot summer day, most of us run from our air-conditioned daily drivers into an air-conditioned office or home before the sun has a chance to stick our clothes to our body.

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