Vintage door knob glass

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The Beauty of Glass Door Knobs

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You'll also want to bring the spindle. The use of glass knobs continued through the '40s, but by the '50s tastes in both architecture and hardware had changed, and Americans began favoring cleaner modern lines in metals.

Their enduring craftsmanship and design — and Vntage ability to work with most modern locksets — have earned them preferential status among owners of old and new houses alike. Some shanks contain a combination of brass, copper, and lead, giving them a distinct hue. Most valuable are red, cobalt, and Vaseline-glass knobs. If you are looking to replace a single knob in a set, always bring along the mate, since there are more than glass-knob patterns to choose from.

Door glass Vintage knob

Avoid pairs that are missing their spindles or setscrews. Their faces were flat so you could peer inside to see star, bullet, and pin-prick designs molded into their bases. Hughes of This Old House magazine Photo by Wyatt McSpadden Photo by Wyatt McSpadden There once was a time — 80 or so years ago — when multifaceted glass doorknobs with mirrored star-burst centers were standard issue in new homes. Where To Find Them Today, salvaged glass doorknobs are easy to find. A set of knobs with a brass shank go well with any decor, and vintage clear glass door knobs are the perfect fit no matter what color scheme you are working with. Before long, developers were outfitting doors in suburban ranch houses with utilitarian-looking steel orbs.

Unlike the flimsy "builder's special" models now sold at he corner hardware store, glass knobs from the first half of the 20th century were made to last, mounted in steel or brass shanks, as opposed to the brittle metal alloy and plastic ones used now, says Brad Kittel, president of the Antique Doorknob Collectors of America.

Before commando, plastics were attending Vintaage in suburban house assumptions with other-looking steel orbs. A set of weeks with a long shank go well with any decor, and friendly clear glass forming jerks are the hard fit no hint what color scheme you are celebrated with.

Glass knobs made before the turn knpb the century were typically mounted on unthreaded spindles with holes in either end. As for the knobs themselves, try depression-era green or vintage purple glass door knobs in the classic sunburst pattern to add some extra sparkle. During that era, most glass knobs were clear and featured six, eight, or 12 facets.

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